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Fenduriel - almost 2 years.

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Hi, Fenduriel here.


It has been almost two years since i was banned, specifically 1 year, 237 days. I was banned for MACRO ( mixing he's i think).

I was just wondering, is it possible to unbann me after this time?


I rly got used to this name and id like to play my old char.


Cheers :)

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Fenduriel wasn't even your first time getting locked and banned. You've had quite a few before that, too.

So no. If you want to create a new character, you can, but you are only allowed that one. I see you already have a character, leirudneff. That is all you get. If I see these other characters around your IP are yours too, they will get locked. You are on restrictions: No sharing, no alts, no gifts, no buying/selling, nothing.

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