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ip is banned

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I havent played in a while probably 7 weeks or so and have just recently changed internet service provider. i tried logging on the other day and it said your ip is banned etc... so i private messaged radu through this forum and he hasnt opened it yet so i downloaded the phone app and logged in through that and it let me on, only on mobile network though not wifi.



Would be nice to be unbanned ingame name TEMPZz and birdie

Edited by birdie

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When you originally just posted as birdie, I saw no failed log-in attempts by birdie, so had no IP to look at. Also, as you had said you already messaged radu, I assumed it was an issue between the two of you so didn't pursue it any further.

Make sure when you post with issues like this, you include ALL relevant information and don't try to bypass or "speed up the process" with private forum pm's because if that person is busy or unavailable, nobody else sees the issue and then nobody else can help you.


I can't unban that IP range as it is a problematic one, but I did whitelist tempzz and birdie. You will still see the banned message but just ignore it and log on as usual.

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