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No-magic area change to TTR spell - undesired side effect

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Today's server update changing issues with TTR in no-magic areas was necessary for one reason, but it caused a problem elsewhere.


There's a certain area where you had to click the tele-to-range spell, do a secret "use", then actual teleport across to get to it in a no-magic area. There's no other way to access it.



That can no longer be done, making the area completely inaccessible.



I don't know how often it's used these days, but some used to mix there.



(Due to it being a secret, I'm being cryptic but I've mentioned the loc to other mods. Devs PM me if you need to know the loc.)

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Suggested change: Just make magic allowed there. Anyone who knows the secret knows the ttr "trick" to use it anyway.


Note: If it's removed, remember to change the entry message you get when you "use" the item to get there. "You have been displaced to (text removed for secret), your magic will not work here."

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