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Thoros the troublemaker

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Hi, I have been away from EL for quite a while now, since my character was locked for saying something rly stupid on ch 6(iirc).


Few days ago I decided to make a new char to check back on the game and tbh no other game gives me the same nostalgic feeling as EL. (good work entropy((+crew)) I have played alot of mmorpgs :P).


Now the problem is I have spent alot of time on my former main Thoros and I cant rly see it being worth it coming back lvling a char from scratch. Unless its too much asked I would love to get Thoros unlocked and do a comeback. Then I would remove my alt ofc (since Im not allowed to have alts ^^) and do my best not to cause any trouble/offend any1.


Thx for your time, thoros

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