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Trice feather and Hawk feather issues

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I've been having issues using Hawk Feathers with the "Inventroy Item List" when I have Cockatrice Feathers. I have a preset Item List I use for invances that includes Hawk Feathers, if I have Cockatrice Feathers in my storage it will pull those in to my inventory before it will pull in any Hawk Feathers.


Also, I found out last night that there is also an issue with the Saved Recipes if the too. If I have a Cockatrice Feather in my inventory it disables any Saved Recipes with Hawk Feathers until I drop the Cockatrice Feather. This was quite a shock as I was trying to quickly summon hawks while a Cockatrice was getting ready to attack me. :o




I tried creating an item list with a book (I have a bunch with the same icon) an had it set to pull a book type that was in the middle of the books shown in storage. It would pull the first book from inventory that has the same icon. In my storage the trice feathers are always ahead of the hawk feathers and when I had a trice feather in inventory I had it before the hawk feahters when I had the save recipes issue.


I hope this helps...


Ingame name: JRats

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