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Storage sale Yosie

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Im selling my full storage


Im buying: Steel set, Steel shield, tit long, moon med. he/srs Dissrings, ida/votd rings. pm me also!



16 Bread


Flowers: All the flowers for 16k.

1 Nightshade

70 White Asiatic Lilly

348 Blue Lupine

60 Tiger Lilly

435 Red Snapdragons

4 Yellow Rose

2 Blue Star Flower

1 Yarrow

102 Poison Ivy

75 Dandelion




96 Leather Gloves 3360gc

2 Pickaxe 60gc



96 Leather Gloves

1 Damaged Ice Dragon Mail

1 Damaged Red Dragon Mail

2 Padded Leather Armor

1 Leather Helm

1 Leather Pants

1 Mage Robe Pants



72 Point Defense 20gc each

4 Unicorn Medallion

1 Stars Medallion



168 Fire Essence


Clothes: 1 top + skirt = 5k!

1 White gold wedding dress

1 Skull Crossbones Scarf

1 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat 2k

2 Black vest 6k each

1 Red vest 6k

1 Yellow robe skirt

2 Light Blue Robe

1 White Robe Skirt

1 Red Robe Skirt

1 Blue Robe Skirt

1 Blue Tricorn Hat

1 Brown Tricorn Hat

1 Purple Robe Skirt

1 White Robe

2 Padded Leather Armor

1 Fur Boots

1 Cape of The Unbreakable 7k

1 Red Robe

1 Leather Pants

1 Warm Fur Gloves

1 Green Robe

1 Blue Robe

1 Fox Scarf

1 Red pink dress 4k

1 Purple Robe

1 Green Robe Skirt

1 Blue Cavalier Hat

1 Red pink skirt 4k

1 Black skirt



1 Skull key

2 Skeleton key

1 Wood Logs



1 Polished Diamond

1 Polished Ruby

1 Polished Sapphire



1 Book of Titanium Molding

1 Book of Steel Axe Construct




That was all, pm me ingame with What u want, how many u want and how much u will pay for it!

My ingame name is YOSIE

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