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  1. Expiring bots

    I paid to unlock bot Sqye 6KU38462VM6729708 16-9-2018 -Yosie
  2. New bot

    Hey, I bought a bot 2 days ago. I messaged sir_odie but he dosnt respond. is there anyone else who can work the bot?
  3. Goodbye EL

    Hope u ┬┤dont┬┤ get raped in the ass by a ladyboy
  4. help me!

    reset modem is the best and working option!
  5. help me!

    so, i was trying to get on the server to play some EL.. BUT all i get is this spamm, Connecting to Server... Can't connect to server Press any key to try again. Press Alt-x to close the game What did i miss? or what am I doing wrong.. Help me please!
  6. Hide nd seek!

    I used to work in a bar, now I live above one.. cant get used to the noise thats coming from a bar someone is having a party downstairs!
  7. Hide nd seek!

  8. Hide nd seek!

    Hints for Nightraver's place: C2 He said: 'I cant stand these sands' 'im afraid to leave because of all these uncapped invasions' He is also INSIDE 'help me kill lenny here'
  9. Hide nd seek!

    JOFURANSHIGOKAI WON! Hi all, quick game of hide nd seek! tune in on channel 7. before u start, get an LE from storage and take it with you on this trip. [bC] guild members are hiding on c2 and c1, the first person to look for is Nightraver. trade him so he sees you. Last u have to find is Karma the person who does this the first will get : horse whistle, 2 AA tickets, s2e of fire, 2 efe, serp stone and a rostogol stone. I will be given hints on channel 7. game ends at new day!! And if we dont have a winner at new day, we will just move it to another day. goodluck! [bC] Prizes donated by: Olen & Karma
  10. Server Crash

    not for me
  11. Storage sale!

    Hi all im Karma and im selling some stuff out of my storage. Look around, if u found something pm me ingame on KARMA with the things u like, and what u wanna give me for it. Flowers: 1 Nightshade 76 White Asiatic Lilly 348 Blue Lupine 83 Tiger Lilly 2 Black Rose 52 Tree Mushroom 9 Red Rose 526 Red Snapdragons 788 Chrysanthemum 155 Wormwood 2 Yellow Rose 1 Yarrow 102 Poison Ivy 75 Dandelion 1162 Lilacs Metals: 2 Silver Bar Minerals: 84 Sulfur Tools: 6 Leather Gloves 74 Pickaxe 1 Vial Mold Weapons: 3 Wooden Staff 14 Short Bow 50 Fire arrows 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword Armor: 6 Leather Gloves 3 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Leather Helm 1 Brown boots 1 Black Dragon Mail 1 Black Dragon Greave 1 Black Dragon Cuisses I will trade BD set for IDA set + gc Magic: 2 Hellspawn removal 4 Unicorn Medallion 1 Fast Regeneration Removal 2 Red Dragon Scale 145 Treasure finder 1 Stars Medallion Animal: 3 Falcon Feather 1 Green Snake Skin 7 White Tiger fur 63 Bear Fur 7 Bear Summoning Stone 905 Raw Meat 97 Hawk Feather 30 Rat tail 15 Cockatrice Feather 1 Polar Bear Fur 4 Skunk fur 1 Red Snake Skin 13 Racoon fur 10 Deer Antlers Clothes: 1 Red Robe Skirt 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 2 Fur Cloak 1 Yellow Robe Skirt 1 White gold wedding dress 3 Augmented Leather Pants 2 Light Blue Robe 2 Blue Tricorn Hat 1 Purple Robe Skirt 1 Purple Robe 1 Black vest 1 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat 1 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Fox Scarf 1 Red pink dress 1 Red pink skirt 1 Red vest Misc: 1 Thread 1 Invasion Token 25k Jewelry: 1 Polished Diamond 1 Polished Ruby 1 Polished Sapphire Books: 2 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 1 Book of Fire sword 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Magic 1 Book of Titanium Molding 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice Hazardous: 1 Bucket Its not much, just some crap I never use .. pm me on EL Karma I will update it when I sell stuff
  12. I sold my bot to VIPER

    the bot Faithy is no longer in hands of me (KarMa) The new owner of the bot Faithy = VIPER I got no control of the bot anymore. Viper is the owner. Just wanted to tell u all that =) viper asked me to so I did it for him. Bai! hugs and kisses
  13. Not a clue

    hey guys, Can anyone tell me whats going on? I went online today after 4 days, on the downstairs computer, then mum came in and spooked me aways..so i logged in upstairs on my laptop..and i couldnt..the players page says I did nasty things..?? Please help? Yosie (ingame name)
  14. Selling few things!

    Hi all, Im going to sell some stuff I dont need in my storage anymore go ahead and check it out Seen anything u like? contact me on EL under the name Yosie! Im also buying: Health essence Spirit restoration potions Crown of life Rostogol stones Gatherer medallion Ore: silver ore's (15k at this point, still harvesting) Weapons: 3 Steel Two Edged Sword 3 Wooden Staff 2227 Bones 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 2 Iron Sword 1 Iron Broad Sword 40 Fire arrows 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword Armor: 10 Leather Gloves 1 Brown boots 1 Padded Leather Armor 1 Leather Helm 1 Used titanium shield 1 Used Ice Dragon Mail Magic: 72 Point Defense 3 Unicorn Medallion 1 Red Dragon Scale 1 Stars Medallion Animal: 77 White Tiger fur 1 Puma Fur 2 Beaver fur 36 Rat tail 3 Falcon Feather 10 Racoon fur 95 Hawk Feather 2 Red Snake Skin 117 Bear Fur 48 Cockatrice Feather 1058 Raw Meat 2227 Bones 31 Polar Bear Fur 3 Brown rabbit fur 1 Leonard fur 3 Tiger fur 3 Green Snake Skin 5 Deer Antlers 4 Deer Fur 2 Wolf Fur 1 Fox Fur 1 Brown Snake Skin 1 Snow Leopard fur Clothes: 1 White gold wedding dress 1 Skull Crossbones Scarf 2 Fur Cloak 2 Black vest 2 Light Blue Robe 1 White Robe Skirt 1 Blue Robe Skirt 2 Blue Tricorn Hat 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Purple Robe Skirt 1 Yellow Robe Skirt 1 Padded Leather Armor 1 White Robe 1 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat 1 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Blue Robe 1 Fox Scarf 1 Red vest 1 Red pink dress 1 Purple Robe 1 Black Robe Skirt 1 Green Robe 1 Blue Cavalier Hat 1 Green Robe Skirt 1 Red pink skirt 1 Red Robe Skirt Misc: 1 Empty Vial 1 Skull key 2 Invasion Token 2 Skeleton key 1 Wood Logs 1 Thread Books: 1 Book of Evasion 1 Book of Serpent Sword of Fire 2 Book of True Sight 1 Book of Titanium Molding 2 Book of Steel Axe Construction
  15. Yolo Guildy Flux bjing

    I learn my guildies, brown is shit tag .. so they can do anything they want to them and u guys knew u were brown. so watch ur stuff better next time Thanks for making my day!