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banned char

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I have a character, Slythus, that i can't log in. It must be banned but i don't know why it would be. It's been a number of years since i stopped playing and i know i've never cheated or macroed. Can someone help me get this straightend out?

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Well, i can't say it was a VERY high level char but i was running around Irilion doing a lot of quests. I've played on and off for a number of years. Last time Aislinn was good enough to help me recover my password and after a few months i stopped playing again. I really would like to pick up where i left off because i have put a large amount of time into it.


I see the line "This player did nasty things and is locked" in the character profile. I really don't know what this is about but i can say i don't come to make trouble or 'do nasty things'. And if i ever do, you guys still hold the ban button. I'm sure you won't need it with me.

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