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Guest Reiki

Boy does it feel awkward to post a topic on a that hasn't had any activity since October of last year.


Before I begin, Hi all!! I hope everyone who still remembers me is doing well.


The main point of this thread is I need Inspiration and I currently can't think of a new series. And I need something for a show I'm apart of in Dallas. So I thought I'd enlist the help of this forum!


Here is a small example of a few paintings and photography I have done...( note they are crappy quality because I don't want any stealing without asking :wub: )

If this isn't a big enough catalog of pictures, just ask I shall supply.















I absolutely love Abstract art, and I admire Cezanne


Anyway if you could help out I'd appreciate it greatly plus I'd have an interesting story to tell.


On a side note, the show. http://www.redhillsart.com/upcoming-events.html

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Well since your asking on an EL forum you could do abstract art related to EL like:

South Redmoon Sky

Lenny's night

Glilin's Fire

and so on. But you would have to explain some about EL in your artist's statement as a general audience wouldn't know much about EL.


Or since you do photography as well as painting you could take a picture and then abstract it in a painting and hang them side by side. Anyways good luck post some final product stuff when your done :)

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