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Don't use the Mandrive One 2011 ISO image.

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I tried out Mandrive One 2011 (Mandriva is a Linux Distrobution) last night. I regret it. The release in the ISO is not stable.


The installer froze a few times resulting in the need to powerdown (hard) and try again. You can't use the web browser at the same time as the installer in live mode or you will get such a problem.


It is a pain to upgrade the packages from that point to the current state because of the dependencies feeding back on eachother.


Although this might be related to harddrive issues, I ended up with a few programs locking up and some bad inodes on the disk. My root partition is currently mush and I will have to try to delete it and make a fresh partition there with bad block detection turned. Thank goodness for a separate /home folder!


If you can get a newer copy of this than the ISO image, it might not be as bad. Although it was buggy for the version that I had, it did not feel too bad when I was using it. Some compared it to Unity and didn't like it, but I found it to to be familiar enough. It does not seem like Konsole is working normally lately, but it seemed buggy in 2011 towards the end too.

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