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Been playing the game for a while and got a few ideas lol.

Basically it would be sick if 1-3 maps were introduced as 'nether' maps. these maps would have the same sky as the underworld does (it's the most sickest sky in game) and there could be some new mobs on these maps. I've heard a lot of higher lvls complain about not getting enough drops, etc.

so, onto the mob suggestions...


baby dragons: could be bit stronger than Legionnaire orcs, drops could be much nicer/exp cud be a bit lower.

another monster: Giant skeleton, could be another boss monster, but the thing is it can only be in invasions/nether realm/instance :D


So yeah ... I'd love to see some new maps into the game. what do you all think


It could be just either 1 or 2 or 3 maps. I was thinking 1 could be a pk map with some serious monster spawns.

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nah i think the maps are full up lol... a nether-realm would own.. Some map with giant skellies, baby dragons, nasparlius and some sick ass sky (underworld sky!) would just rock. People would love the game :)

Plus - the monsters in this realm should never ignore, so it makes a challenge for the stronger players :)

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