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Yo Usl! (a bit late)

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Hi Usl, i was booted from you cause i was not paying attention to local chat when you arrived and asked me for a line in the local. Im very sorry for that. Im posting a piece of my chat log if you look at when you arrived i was talking in PM with Hecklar my last PM to him was, in english, "Im going out to lunch quickly" @16:47:45 after that i was "about to go out to lunch" and my wife started to talk to me (i was clicking while she was talking to me) so i didnt see the rest of the message. When i turned again to the monitor i was in F5 screen and then booted.


Im not complaining about the ban. Its your job to do this. Just want to know how long it will take (i was a long time without play because of my job and was just coming back when this happened).







[16:47:20] Finja: if usl boots people luci could come back tho :D

[16:47:23] Usl: and Anamir?

[16:47:24] SimAnt: :D

[16:47:27] #GM from Hecklar: btw sun tzu amanha +- 15:30 brazil time

[16:47:27] #GM from Shrimptaco: ### GARENKE HAS LEFT THE GUILD ###

[16:47:45] [PM to Hecklar: almoçar rapidim]

[16:47:56] Usl: Quagmire, we need you to show that you are atk in 3... 2... 1...

[16:47:58] [PM from Hecklar: bele]

[16:48:03] [PM from Hecklar: bom apetite]

[16:48:05] SimAnt: lol i have line of fire to other target

[16:48:06] TvMan: make pkable plz.

[16:48:11] TvMan: oh :<

[16:48:12] DsoD: lol

[16:48:19] Usl: next, Anamir, could you please write a line in local?

[16:48:23] andy: nice simant, but you miss every shoot ;P

[16:48:43] SimAnt: mt arrow wizzes by godfather

[16:48:46] SimAnt: my*

[16:48:51] GodFatheR: =

[16:48:53] GodFatheR: =)

[16:49:12] Usl: Anamir, please - I need a line from you in local

[16:49:40] MARVEL: hi us

[16:49:42] MARVEL: how are u

[16:49:43] [Mod PM from Usl: Need proof that you are at the keyboard right now, and not macroing]

[16:49:43] [Mod PM from Usl: Need proof that you are at the keyboard right now, and not macroing]

[16:49:45] CryMrD: I suppose you will be chatting me up next ;P

[16:49:46] MARVEL: why u nono asnwer me

[16:49:57] Usl: 'cause I'm busy

[16:50:00] MARVEL: ow rly

[16:50:01] [PM from Finja: WAKE UP!]

[16:50:03] MARVEL: u just dont like me

[16:50:04] MARVEL: u mean

[16:50:07] AMAR: marvel bad

[16:50:08] [PM from Hecklar: volta ]

[16:50:08] SimAnt: konect :D

[16:50:12] <1:02>: Disconnected from server!

[16:50:12] Press Alt-x to close the game

[16:50:12] You were booted by Usl!


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