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Right, Me (Fuze_) Got banned on the 30th June because of a stupid misunderstanding/mistake whatever you wan't to call it of making a alt.

I don't know what I was thinking at the time of making the alt and don't know why I did it as I knew I would of been found out and banned again because It's against my conditions.

Since I was back in EL I've tried hard keeping out of scamming/BJing/Luring and all that stuff and went to my first instance which was great :D

All I'm asking from you Aislinn is just hear me out for once. I just read the Bans policy and it says all bans will be automatically 1month. That's fine I can do that. (It has been 2 weeks already) If you let me back after this 1month on the same conditions I was on before. I can promise you I won't make this stupid mistake again and get banned. If I do (Which I won't) Break any of these conditions I'll be fine with you banning me again and restarting the 1month ban just like it says in the Bans Policy.


I have been reading my conditions over and over, I'm sure I won't break any of them again.


Thanks, Fuze_

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Hear you out "for once"?


I heard you out this time, last time, time before that, time before that...how many names did we go through?


You knew the conditions. They were explained in painstaking detail after you begged and begged last time just like this time. Woe was you and you were foolish and you PROMISED it would never happen again because you learned your lesson. You agreed to your conditions and said you understood them, and said you were so grateful for that last chance and you promised nothing would ever happen again.

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