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Grapes on the PK server

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For all those who have been wondering about the project I have been working on for the last month, the time has come to reveal it.


Grapes now have a use on the PK server.


Radu/Entropy has graciously agreed to exchange grapes for oranges on the PK server (only). So once you have collected 30 grapes, you can forum PM Entropy and when he has a chance he will log in and trade them for oranges. You can then go visit Logan in Tars and get yourself (and/or your alts) the Big Belly Perk.


Since we have an infinite supply of grapes, everyone who wants the BBP should be able to get it in time. It just takes a bit of searching/hunting to collect them. It took me over three weeks, but I was starting from a server restart so I started with zero available.


In the short-term there will be no market for grapes because everyone will be collecting for their own use. In the long-term there will be little market for them because there will be so many available on the server. In the medium-term, well, we'll have to see.


But market value or not, this is a really fun and somewhat useful use for grapes on the server.


Thanks for putting up with the secrecy until I got final permission to announce the program to everyone.

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