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being a pure ranger

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am making a newbie thats going to be my ranger and i was hoping for smoe advice since i aint played el for like 2 years, only came back the other month so am still learning all thats changed.


what perks should i get? atm i got none, might get, power hungry, mm, geletine bones, i cant dance and godless but what other perks should i get? i cant afford the 2 ranging ones yet


whats a good way to make money? fes?


im guessing i wont need anything on nexus' unless i put 1 or 2 in inorganic for hes or whatever, am i right here?


and any other information would be really appreciated thanks

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oh, one hint..don't get the mm perk, you might need to pin normal monsters for to level up sometimes


WH perk is good for xp and damage...


but you will need lots of gc for to level up


iirc its about 11gc for 10 xp.

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Hi o/


There are tons of guides for newbie rangers. Please check them: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showforum=134

I don't want to be smart ass, just it makes no sense to write something again and again :rolleyes:


If you have questions, that are without answer in other posts, please don’t hesitate to ask. :icon13:



Rangers all the way! Hoah! :bow_arrow:

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