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The Wake of A Child

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(( I used to get good grades all the time, and then things happened in my life ... I'll call it a depression stage. Grades went down. Pulled them back up, getting a reward. :D Good.. I busted my butt for it. Lol, just delete any emails you don't want. Lol.))



She had been dreaming of floating, drifting in the air, falling downward in a spiral, as though in physical form. She had felt her heart pounding as she fell, feet up, towards a mass of a black nothing. Odd things seeming to float upwards as she fell downwards. And before she knew it, she would be standing in her house.. Her mother in the kitchen, as though nothing had happened. Her mother turning to her and smiling like she would rarely do, all bright and cheery before talking:


"Oh Lolen dear, where have you been? You have been in the berry patch again, haven't you?"

Her voice soft and lovingly velvety, before she would laugh, and wander towards Lolen with a cloth to clean her.


Lolen had no idea what was going on, but would look down at her dress, and found herself covered in berry juice.. And not at all in the same clothes she wore to bed, but the clothes she wore when she was a child, when her mother had caught her in the berry patch.


What is going on!? What is this?? It is so odd.. I have not played in the berry patch in years, nor is my mother still living, this house is not here! I watched it be ruined by that terrible man who called himself my father!


Lolen backed away from her mother, narrowing her eyes before turning and walking straight into a table, smacking her forhead on it, and toppling over backward, streams of silken ivory hair shimmering over her shoulders, the ribbons tied about the buns atop streaming free.


"Lolen, dear, look at you.. You are a mess, come.. Let mother-"


And everything faded.. She fell once more into the mass of black, pinching her arm, her clothes had returned to what she had originally been wearing.


"Ouch!" she shouted in the darkness, she had pinched too hard for her own good, and even though she knew this was a dream, it left a very real red mark.. The shout being swallowed up by the black.


"Lolen, what're ya doin' lass?"


Lolen snapped open her eyes, looking straight up, not knowing where she was, who was with her.. But it sounded so familiar.


"Come on lass, we've got to go ter town today for th' cloth fer ye'r dresses!" And old man, wrinkled but kind face leaning over her.


She shot straight up, finding herself in her nightclothes, but.. different ones..



These are like.. Memories.. Happening all over again.. How awkward.. What is going on!?


A child? She saw herself in the mirror, she was only four years of age when this had happened.. Why was it flashing back to her?



Woosh! She had fell through the floor, drifting and spiraling downward still, memories cascading over her as she fell. Mother, father, Geelef, Arafin, Cath, The people of the cities she'd visited, The Host who had sent her on her quest, the old man who had transported them between plains of existence...




She felt her body hit the ground, slamming down on concrete, as though she would be pushed through. But something blocked her.. The black mass continuing to spiral up her arms and legs, swallowing her...




Wake up! She yelled to herself, her voice shouting out of her little mouth as though she was terrified.. Which, in a sense, she was.


And as soon as she had yelled at herself, she began to feel cold, before warm, emotions overwhelming her.. Rushing upward instead of down, memories pressing against her as she did so.. All emotions she had ever felt consuming her..




She woke with a start, shooting straight up from beneath the covers of the room that her and her friends had been staying in..


Her breathing heavily, she looked at her arm.. Remembering everything clearly..


No.. The same clothes I had gone to bed in.. The same room.. The same people.. But this red mark on my arm.. It is from my dreams. Was I really dreaming? Those are very much wierd thoughts, or were they real? Real, or not?


She wandered from her bed, leaning over the one Geelef lay in, he looked as though he dreamt well..


Lolen curled up beside him, finding a perfect amount of matress for her to fit on sideways, no need for covers... Her clothing would do...


And she began to drift..



((Kind of strange, ain't it? Lol. ))

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((Ah heck, real spam won't be any problem I guess... Pegasus' mailfilters tend to work quite good :)



The next morning, at breakfast, Lolen told the rest about what happened during her sleep.

'Yeah, I had it too...' Geelef said thoughtfully, slowly chewing on some bread.

Arafin nodded in agreement, not able to talk because of the huge chunk of pie he was trying to swallow. 'Mwe doo.' he tried desperately.


'Maybe it has to do something with this new plane... Let's ask that guy when we see him again.' Arafin said, when he finally managed to swallow the oversized bite.

But it would be only at dinner when they saw the man again. They spent the day marvelling at the house, worked a bit on their fighting and magic techniques, and had fun while they watched Cath chase a few birds.


When they had finished dinner, the man walked in.

'Everything in order?'

'Yes, it was delicious. We only had some weird dreams last night we'd like to ask you about.' Lolen replied.

'Dreams?' the man asked, his eyebrows raised.

'Yes, well -' the man listened while Lolen described her dreams in detail. Arafin and Geelef told him their dreams as well, also memories of the past.

When they finished, the man closed his eyes, thought for a moment, then said:

'Well, dreams about the previous plane are normal in the first week you're here. But mostly they're just dreams, and they don't leave marks like the one on your arm.'

'Yeah, Arafin and I hurt ourselves too, in our dreams, but we don't have wounds right now.' Geelef said.

'Maybe it's the quest you have been given...' the man said slowly. 'Or there is someone in this plane that knows you're here, and cast a spell while you were sleeping.'

'But who would know we arrived last night?' Lolen asked surprised. 'I think your statement about the quest would be a better one, although I don't know in which way this strange magic relates to it...'

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(( Hey... Sorry I haven't been on lately, guess what!? I became an Admin on a friend of mines site.. Please, you guys.. Join it? We need more members.. It's awesome.. It really is.. :) My SN there is ShadowenLark, itll come up with Lark only though.. So.. If you need help, you can ask me or Reign for help.. :) But please! Please please please please please join!http://rpillusia.proboards20.com/index.cgi ))

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((I've checked that site out, seems pretty nice. Gotta think of some char though, or well, boost my current char a bit before joining it :) After I've come back from holidays I should've had plenty of time to do so, see you in two weeks!))

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((A long time indeed :) I tried to contact you a while ago (a few months), and now I stumble upon this. I was actually trying to get some real storytellers back together again... Anyway, I couldnt mail you from here, you email seems to be outdated. Send me one if you ever happen to read this - I'll update the mail in my profile. Hope to hear from you!


Edit: Hope to hear from you goes for everyone with whom I RPed on these forums :)


Edited by Geelef

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((I think I'll join now,))


The tangled trees in the mist of a dense forest consumed all light; spare for the green patches that pooled on the adventurer's face. Green on green was his color, a staff his weapon of choice. Though a long sword is a great addon if you suspect fighting with goblins. Truth is, this young Elf, 36 by human years, was never truly perpared. This would lead to a very short life.


He has narrowly escaped death many times, it was the thrill that kept him going. Among many other personality traits that set him apart, he was shy, has a big mouth, when he speaks that is, and jumps into blackness; Not even knowing what is on the other side.


Swwwihhkawk! was the sound when a branch sling shoted into his face.


That means someone else is here.


Bent down, holding his bloody nose, grunts of pain. Slowly rose. The forest was darker now: but his elven eyes saw the dark green on pitch black. His weapons, as being not prepared, were a wineskin, bread, water, and a wooden staff. He was in no conidtion for a fight.


Crusing himself for being stupid, ran. The trees rushed to greet him. No matter how fast he ran, the orc, or goblin, kept up. Jumping over low branchs, ducking under low. Changing directions to avoid trees. Left, right, up were his thoughts for 90 seconds then. Whhamp! his dull tump brought the goblin nearer.


It could be said he was stuck between a rock, and a hard place. That was not true, he was stuck between a egde of a cliff, and a goblin. He had two choices, painful death, or death.


He chose death, and jumped.


No details were able to be seen in the falling void. Then, a kack, kack, kack of branches breaking slowing his fall, landed into a brush, on top of thick moss. He was alive. His breath was slow and labored.


"HELP!" He screamed, "help." he whispered. Shifting brought needles of pain to his brain, of broken bones. Fell into a sleep of comatose.


((This is sorta true, once I did get caught between a cliff and a goblin.))

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