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Update 1.9.1

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Client Changes:

1. Improved graphics for characters and some other objects.

2. Multiple GUI improvements.

3. The quest log has its own icon, the URL window was moved with the Notepad icon.

4. Main quests are logged separately in the quest log. However, this change is not retroactive, only new or current quests will have their own entry, the ones you already did won't.

5. Now you can fight on horses. (no advantage yet, but there might be some advantages soon)

6. You can view players acheivements by clicking on them with the eye icon.

7. New emotes

8. Medallions and the fox scarf are now visible.


Server changes:

New objective for Novac's second quest, if you finished the first batch.



Bluap: New quest log, GUI improvements, bug fixes.

Fedora: Horse fighting, support for larger textures and support for neck items.

Schmurk: Some shader and archery bug fixes.


If I missed anyone, please PM me.

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