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I am sorry for every thing i had done to everyone i will try to do my best to be more respectful to everyone and treat every one better from now on


and i will try keep my self in check



and aislinn i am sorry to you causeing you a lot trouble and i try do my best keep out trouble..... here the name i am going by ( PANDORA )

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I hope you do more than "try". Any more troubles and I will lock the door and throw away the key.

Do you understand that all of the things you have done to everyone over the past 5 or so years are the reasons you get treated as you do?

You can't cover your behavior and actions with name changes or buying new characters.

You cheated ingame massively, lied to mods and admins massively, and lied to other players, and and treated them badly as well. You did some really unpleasant and ugly things to them.

People will respond to that in a negative manner. You can't expect otherwise.


That said, I do hope you are truly sorry.

If I let you back in, there will be no alts, no buying characters, no sharing characters or borrowing them, no name changes, no NOTHING.

One new character who will be expected to behave.


Do you understand and agree?

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it not taken

Ok Violet has been whitelisted.

You may make a new character. Take your time and make it good.

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