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Inclusion of Unofficial Maps on Linux Distros

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While there is a thread already started pertaining to this topic it is several years old, so I figured I'd start a fresh thread.


Does EL/Ent/etc have a stance on including unofficial maps in distributions? I have a request to include the Bloodsucker maps in the Gentoo distro.


If I add them, they wouldn't appear by default - users would have to set a "USE flag" to have them installed. However, this would allow users to want unofficial maps to always have the latest and greatest and the distro would manage the file collisions so that they end up with a more consistent experience. This would also ensure that users aren't accidentally messing up their .elm's/etc when trying to save their maps during an upgrade.


The way it would work is that the official maps would be installed by default, but if a user wants alternate maps the official maps (bmps) would not be installed, and another package would contain the alternate maps. The alternate packages would display a notice at installation time clearly stating that the maps are unofficial, and EL staff/mods/etc are not to be pestered about problems that come up (you get to keep the pieces...), etc.


In general Gentoo tries to play nice with upstream, so I figured I'd look for an opinion here. I doubt anybody would even notice the impact of the addition around here - since only those who go looking for the maps would get them, and these people likely already have them.

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As long as it's not hosted on our official sites or included in official-labeled builds then it doesn't really matter.

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