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IP issues

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Hi :medieval:


Since I started playing EL some 3 years ago I've always been in one of 2 IP ranges assigned by my IP. Both worked with EL just fine.


Last night I found out that I couldn't gain access to forums in spite of repeated modem reboots, and then today, after another attempt to get access to main site, I tried logging on EL and got 'your IP is banned' message. Since this morning I identified at least 2 IP ranges I never saw before, so it seems that my IP is becoming more and more dynamic for whatever reason.


I can still get access to both the game and the main site, but it takes numerous modem reboots and I guess depends on luck. So if possible, I'm asking to be whitelisted for both game and forums not to have to go through trial and error sort of thing every time i turn the comp on.


Thank you in advance :)

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Ehh yeah you did change. You have now been assigned a very close range to our good friend Exe.

I have whitelisted Dreyan ingame, unfortunately invision forums don't provide that option, although I can tell you the same IP range you had trouble with ingame is not banned in forums. I can't tell where you were trying to connect from, or unban what's not banned, so at this time there is nothing I can do unless you are able to provide me with a specific IP to look at when you have forum troubles.

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