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You, your "friends", and your cousin(s) have a horrible history. Why should we let you back? You not only make trouble, you help others make trouble, you help banned people sneak back in, and you do not listen to moderators when we try to help you, or when you are let back for the xxxth time. This whole group of you (including your cousin huvik) cheat and lie and scam (including keyloggers!!!), let banned people play, and help each other do more of it. No!!! None of you are coming back and if I find any of you, I will lock and ban faster than you can blink.










There are more, you can research adko, phobia, morphe, kissofdeath, huvik, huvar, hammerfall, nalim, drake, break, etc etc etc. You all share, lie, help each other lie and scam, help each other avoid bans, enough already. No. We all have better things to do than babysitting you all, anybody who looks at any of your group's threads will see it's more than a full time job dealing the lot of you.

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