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it is Ents fault

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I can't get over Iron Maiden. He showed me one song and now I am hooked. I'm waiting for when they finally return to west coast USA so I can see them live.


If anyone cares enough, post a link to your fav song by them.


Personal favs- Hallowed be Thy Name, Dance of Death, Aces High, The Longest Day, Fear of the Dark and last but not least, Brave New World (Live version..Studio one blows)


This thread needed to be made like a year ago.


Thx Ent :)

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Hehehe maiden have always been good.


The first ever tape i bought was maidens peace of mind, and it got played over and over much to the annoyance of friends/family and neighbours


Personal favorites are: (in no particular order)

Rime of the ancient mariner (just epic)

Flight of icarus

The trooper

Can i play with maddness

Seventh son of a seventh son

Hallowed be thy name


Bring your daughter to the slaughter has a special place with me (becasue i heard it once on radio one (when it had topped the charts, i believe it only got played the once. On a car journey to see family with my parents and my dad flipped hearing it lol)


I really must get all of the cd's again.

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Flight of icarus


I forgot to list this! Ha I lol'd at your story :) A lot of people tend to mis understand their music ^^


And I am going to listen to Rime of the Ancient Mariner now (never heard it =( )

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I saw Maiden at Download 2007 :P


At the end of their set, Bruce said something along the lines of ( damn it seems like so long ago)


"Thankyou guys and thanks for not bottling us"


Right on q, someone managed to throw a bottle and hit him on the side of the head, he ended up just laughing and calling them a "B@stard"


Good times :)

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