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Dear sir / madame


It seems that i got all my characters locked or banned .


My brother tried to log in but couldn't so i tried my own and it seems that its indeed locked or banned .


He asked his girlfriend who plays 2 and she can't log in either .


So with this im asking what has happend with the characters ?


--> I'm only using Zorro to say hello to the guild and once in a while a ranging level you can ask anyone .

--> Darkz is my brother who started to play again after his chars getting blocked or locked all the time

--> Tropicalbeats is his girlfriend

--> And Vbot is an alt and who gave some stuff to tropicalbeats to level her character


Greetz Zorro

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What about bella, socio, nickcr?


You do know (or maybe this should be addressed to your brother and his gf), that you can't share characters AND trade with them AND have alts and share and/or trade with those too.

Might explain why his characters keep getting locked. :pickaxe:

By any chance does he use zorro too?

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Euhm Bella isn't mine .... ?

Socio en nickcr dont got even a skill over 20??? and i didn't go on them for months i guess? i even forgot passwords ... because i tried to log on them but really forgot pass so made new char Zorro1 to ask ppl what to do for a sec


why can't he trade it would be the same playing with some other player you can check tropicalbeats only logs on a few times here when she is here but then they dont trade she always trades when shes at home


Don't know you tell me ? in my eyes they didn't do anything wrong just play and trade she plays too so she is a player like another


No he doesn't else he would train zorro and not start all over



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No, I know Bella isn't yours, she belongs to tropicalbeats.

They (and you) can't share and pass alts around to trade with.

And no, she does not only trade when she is at home.

Why do you think you would know that?


I will unlock zorro but no more alts making the rounds. Seriously. Everybody needs to read the rules. It's not just about what IP a character is on at the moment of the trade. If you use a character it is your alt and you cannot trade with it at all even if somebody else logs on it somewhere else.


Zorro was locked because it was on the same IP as all of the other characters have been at one point or another and trading with them all too. It makes sense about darkz and his girlfriend so that is why I am unlocking zorro. The others however will remain locked at this time.


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But tropicalbeats doesn't know any of our passwords ?

so we don't share characters she just plays with my bro and trades with him

and i know because my bro sits next to her when she plays here so he would know if they traded here ...


But what i don't get is why can't i use an alt to trade with someone , it would be the same if a friend starts and i give him some stuff nothing wrong with that i think ?


No stuff was given from vbot or zorro to darkz , because we had to many problems with that so we don't do that again ...

But why can't we give something to tropicalbeats shes a player and girlfriend/friend it's normal to help her out i think when she is new ?


So arround a month for the others ? :s


Greetz zorro

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Alts have to be run as though they don't know your main. That includes trading, spying, being logged on a different computer and "oh look what i saw in kf on my alt's screen, i think I will go over there with my main", even "hey I'll make an alt and you make an alt and my alt will buy for your antisocial main and your alt will harvest my silver ore for me while I fight in kf" is totally not cool.


Zorro can trade with tropicalbeats, but thats it. It is really getting beyond the ridiculous what people try to wiggle around with on this topic.


Keep alts away.

I will consider unlocking tropicalbeats and darkz but they have to understand to stay away from alts and alt trading. Especially with his history.

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