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Um, i logged into Fracture today at ~3pm and it was locked. i had been on all night and didnt even go to bed until 8 am. i know yesterday i had caused a lil trouble with my mouth, but aislinn when we talked nothing happened after that. i would really like to know why it is locked and for how long, and if there is anything i can do to get it unlocked faster or at all.

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Yeah here's the funny story...

You are on a one character restriction. No alts, no sharing, no trouble of any kind because you are lucky you are back ingame after all the previous trouble.


Multiple times you have asked to buy or sell this or that character, because you are going away (which seems to keep getting postponed interestingly enough) which I have said ok to all of your requests, because I decided it wasn't really your fault your departure keeps getting delayed.

Meanwhile during all of this, you have been warned, muted, booted, repeat for flaming and obnoxious behavior and racist talk. You have been pretty much on thin ice, and I have let it slide because after all, you needed to leave soon anyway. (I do have my doubts now about the validity of that whole story).


So this last time you asked me if shultz could level your character for you while you were gone. I said no, that is sharing, but you are free to sell it or give it away and make a new one to chat with until you leave if you needed the money from selling your character. You told me you were making xchrisxcollardx and that was going to be your character. Ok.


So we come to last night.

We get a bunch of abuse reports about fracture. Hmm... interesting to me since fracture is on similar conditions to you and actually has been doing ok with them, so I am surprised he's making so much trouble. I know other mods handled it but I decided to remind him about his conditions of NO trouble of ANY sort and good fortune to still be playing in spite of everything, but give him another chance to stop it. He apologizes, tells me he'll go back in his corner, to which I say "as long as it's a silent corner" and I think all will be well and that's the end of it. Well abuse reports keep coming in, I see later (since I had since gone to bed) that ent and learner have muted you as well. Imagine my surprise when I find out it wasn't fracture at all, but you. Not only on a no alts restriction, but on a character that fracture was not supposed to be selling, because he was on a no alts no selling no trouble etc etc etc restriction too.


I actually debated whether to ban your IP and xchrisxcollardx as well, since it's apparent you have been lying all this time about your character and rl situation. I can't say I'm very happy, and it's the classic case of giving somebody an inch and they take a mile. You have totally abused the situation and I am personally done with it.

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First off, im not lieing about the whole Job Corps thing... i have been trying to go to job corps for months now, but it seems the woman that is the administrator in my area sucks really bad. it takes her 3-4 days to reply to any of my msg's, and she was even closed down ~ a month ago, and i have to tlak to this other woman like 50 miles away from here. the woman who i WAS talking to lost all of my information, so this new woman is sending me NEW paperwork to fill out and i have to go through this entire process again. if it was up to me, i would have already been gone, bcus i am trying to get my Diploma so that i can do something with my life.


as for getting muted by radu, i had asked a question that he didnt like, bcus i didnt understand his definition of a word. as for learner, i said one message in channel 6, and he considered it "spam".


as for the whole character thing, shultz quit so he didnt want the character, so i gave it away to ozmo, bcus i hoped he would take care of it and not mess it up, and shultz gave me fracture to use bcus he wasnt playing EL. shultz said that he had bought it, so i dont know how fracture sold it to him if he wasnt allowed to. i did not buy that character at all, it was given to me.


and the spam/bad talk, thats all me. i like to spam and i guess i go to far with it... i really am sorry, but this is my story. i can even give you the number to the old job corps lady to show you that she is closed down, probably due to the fact that she wasnt doing her job well.


i hope that you will reconsider, and let me have fracture back, bcus i have gotten addicted to EL again... i mean i stayed up all last night playing it, and i have things that arent mine on that character.

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The flaming, harassing, and racist guttermouth trash talk has got to stop. If it does not, I'll ban your IP as fast as I see it.


And I am not unlocking fracture. It isn't yours, it isn't the character you asked me for, and it should never have been sold in the first place which is another issue being dealt with. You are the one who kept buying then selling, you had several decent characters but just couldn't seem to be satisfied. No more.

You want to play, play on xchrisxcollardx, and keep it clean.

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