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Buying and services

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Odin is now set to buy at these prices


Enriched fire Ess 11kgc

Enriched Magic Ess 10kgc

Enriched Life Ess 5kgc

Enriched Water Ess 2.5kgc

Enriched Death Ess 1kgc


Enrichment Stones 10kgc

Serpent Stones 10kgc


Binding Stones 60kgc

Nexus Stones 40kgc

Atribute stones 5kgc


Check out what else Odin buys and sells /Odin inv /Odin wanted



Loaders Services


He will craft and manu for free and guarentee 100% return on what he makes If you supply the ings


He will also make to order for a reasonable price



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I can only reccomend Handy's manu service - used it - he was kind enough to make me a great sword and tit shield at his risk! - after he had made them I exchanged them only for the ings - no extra cost. Thanks again. :D



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