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to aislinn wasnt banned but its about general topic

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my cousin corey (slashy) and I (Slash_Master) old char were banned years ago. since the weve create and played on ou new char (names which ar in () in first sentence. i gave him a fur cloke and maybe some other suff and it wa take as illegal multi b/c we were on thesame ip. This time we are takeing precautions to make sure it dosnt happen again so we kept the tradeing at a minamum and did on diff ips and are hopeing to prov that we are diff ppl so we wont have o worry about being banned. First im gonna explane my story. I dont have iternet at my house but i ocasonlly go to my gmas in gordensville va and my step gmas houe in va beach where i play the geme. Iaso ocasionally play at school. And finally i play when i go to my cousins house i play. Today 12/25/09 i am at my step gmas house in va beach and have been since wed 12/23/09 and will be here untill sat 12/26/09. if you can look at a log of our two char. you will see that we have been playing on2 diff ips at the same time since thursday 12/24/09. i will be either going to my gmas house or cousins house in orange va. during the week of mon 12/28/09. If i g o my cousins house i would like to be able to trade w/him so i would love if we can settle this matter asap. Any questions feel free to ask. thank you for your time.


p.s. I also tried to pm you aisinn and a few other mods in game while i was w8in gor my account to be aproved so th mater would be settled b4 tommorow. You never answered but a few others did and keptt refering me 2 u. My point is if u didnt answer b/c u dont like being bothered in game plz tell me for future refrece and im srry if i inconviecd any other mods in game.

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1. Don't forget there are different time zones. Yes you have been pming me but while I was sleeping.


2. Please note that rule 5 includes a statement that changing IP's for the purpose of bypassing the rules is illegal too. Also please note that is not about 2 legitimate different people (as long as they do not share their characters or log on only to avoid rule 5), but about people who share their characters and try to make trading with characters they use "legal". If one does this, it is not legal.


3. As to your case about slashy and slash_master, I see definite sharing. I do see occasional times there are different IP's at the same time as well. If you are sharing your characters, you can NOT trade. That simple. And don't tell me you don't, I can see it clearly in the logs (pretty clear when a character is logged on and somebody else is logging on to it from somewhere else at the same time, among other things).


(What were your old character names? I am pretty sure you would have banned for a bigger reason than a fur cloak.)

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