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getting ten levels in four minutes

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I noticed the other day that I had a few levels near the end of the bar, and decided to see how many I could level at the same time. It turned out to be ten :icon13: Harvesting required another 70 hours on the dung, so I didnt bother :)



And from my chatlog (for the timestamps):

[20:02:09] You advanced to level 29 of ranging!

[20:02:42] You advanced to level 80 of defense!

[20:02:52] You advanced to level 51 of tailoring!

[20:03:03] You advanced to level 27 of summoning!

[20:03:09] You advanced to level 52 of engineering!

[20:03:23] You advanced to level 37 of manufacturing!

[20:03:28] You advanced to level 90 of alchemy!

*** forgot M&P so had to run to storage to make the SR that I needed to level magic ***

[20:04:57] You advanced to level 84 of potion!

[20:05:07] You advanced to level 53 of crafting!

[20:05:33] You advanced to level 52 of magic!


Was fun.



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I remember seeing this before but stumbled upon a different one instead. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40825 The one I was thinking of was done by aduard? or something. Was a former/current mod iirc. Though geritt is a former mod too :) Just the one I was thinking of had a post mentioning leveling using brs instead of magic lol

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