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Fixing the server

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We seriously need to find a way to fix the server... cus atm im sure its not making any money for radu, which is probably why nothing new is being implemented. Atm, it shouldnt be called the PK server, its the mixing server. there are on an average 3 players on the server at once. There is no economy either...


What was it that made people come to this server in the first place, and now why are all of them gone?

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IMO people need to change their attitudes towards the server first.


1) OMG no ppls on server I quit! well if you quit, that's -1 more person. better solution is to invite your friends to play with you on the server.

2) omg the community rulez sux! you don't have to listen to them. you won't get banned for it anyway.


If you forgot what it was created for in the first place, take a look here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37552

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This is the same question again and i guess i have the same answers


(1) If you want to find out what it will take to get players over here. Then you need to post on main server forum under general chat asking what would need to change to get players to join.

(2) Feed back we already have got from mains players. The main points were char copying and cooldown to be put on srs's and rings

(3) The main way to get more people playing here is to make it a free server


But apart from that i dont have a clue. We have tried to promote this server ourselves now for nearly 2 years. Yeh we might get a few new players from time to time but then we will get a few more leave.


So i guess it boils down to this


(1) we dont have a high enough player base to attract more players

(2) no one wants to pay to play an empty server

(3) Most mains players dont want to spend the next year or 2 lvling another char

(4) Pker's dont like no cool down on sr's and ring


Ok so that is the neg parts time to find some positive ones because i have run out of ideas



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hmm, what about this idea.


MMORPGs are rather community driven and are attractive for their social aspects, as part of their feature list, and having a game that is PK everywhere can be somewhat a counter weight to this basic feature.


So when we hear people say that there isn't enough people playing which is the reason they wont play, then it affirms the idea that games need to be supportive of social interaction and communal game play participation by careful design to keep the player base high.


Is this why Total War feature on main server never stays active for long or even used at all? And that is only a subset of what pk server is.

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