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Server Update

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Lowered the feros and fluffy ignore levels.

Decreased the weight of the potion of attack and defense reduction.

Doubled the chance of Acid Rain day, and brought back the No Grief day.

Some changes in the PvP formula to make the fights a little bit more 'fair'.

Giant summoning will summon 2 giants

Yeti summoning will produce 5 yetis

Improved the damage of the PKing bolts and arrows.

Increased the mini harvest events exp and gold coins.

A new random day. Also slightly increased the chance of random days to happen.

The mage robes are makable now. The formula is secret though, will be revealed in a contest.

The PV/KJ boat works again, however, you need to use a boat ticket that will be available from NPC in the enxt update, for 50gc. Until then, for each purchase over 100 bucks, you get as many boat tickets as the amount of that purchase. So for 200 USD you get 200 tickets, for 100 usd 100 tickets and so on.

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