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Knowing the rules and regulation(s) required to be in an Honor Guild, kicker was allowed access to Poundin' You (#nU) Guild and here are the Screenies to show the result of what happened. See Links below:







Remember... Actions speak louder than words.



GM of Poundin' You (#nU) Guild :icon13:

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If you got bj'd you'd care. And if you dont care why'd you bother to post? Isn't outlaws a section to alert people to bj'ers and mean peoples? Tyvm Tokie :icon13: much appreciated

Pretty bad when all the guy really took was augmented leather,etc,etc,etc. I just dont understand "why" would you wanna get booted from a guild,make a bad name for yourself,and just be a idiot. If he needed items soooooo bad,all he had to do was ask tokie or taini for them or assist in getting ingreediants to make the items..I think the guy "Kicker" is a real scum bag and a looser!

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Sorry I read most of it but I didn't see anyone ask for kickers side of things. I just see accusation and punishment. Doesn't even seem like you tried to PM your guildie once to even see if he did do it or the other guy to see if he was jumping to conclusions because he was in the general area. Often times you don't see who took your things because you are dead. So, if I didn't gloss over those details in skimming through, where is the proof of anything other than the fact that you kicked someone from your guild?

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Page not found

But now that you're here, go ahead and search through the billions of photos, images and videos on Photobucket.


cant see any of the pics :/

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