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Instance FAQ?

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OK so I spent 3-4 hours trying to get a decent instance team going to the new 100-120 a/d instance, but guess what ... half way through, we #ii'd and there was 1 monster, we thought - wow a red dragon, lets do this! so we walked into a cave and ended up on Isla Prima. hmm k. What fun that was. We ended up sitting there at beam for about 5 mins sharing our 20 or so cockatrice feathers and few k GC.


Basically I want a FAQ on instances, where the people who are new to instances can check and know NOT what to do when they go there for the first time. Oh and some MAPS (TAB) would be nice aswell, because it got quite annoying when people would say theres some mobs here at '467,182', and I would be like OK, whereTF is that?


Pretty much a downer experience. Not sure if I want to do it again - rather just train......:/

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Hey some good tips for instances are here:



And good team building threads are generally posted here:



As far as maps go check out BloodSuckers maps if I can say that here, I don't know if the newest one is up there yet but I don't think any of the instances have come out with "official" el tab maps.


I've generally had fun with instances but you should know all the caves on the map lead out of the instance, all the monsters are on the map you spawn in from what I understand.

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