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OMG! I whas killed by an Resync. :'(

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In my case, i tried to apply this with the latest CVS, but still have lots of resync in instance when we are 4 fighters and 1 ranger...

Some time back (around when WTF instance first came in) we observed resync issues when many people were attacking one mob even when the above changes were used. The only plausible reason I could see was that the mob's damage animation queue was getting backed up. I tried making changes to the the damage animation duration for the creatures it occurred on and iirc it did help... but considering the variety of instance/invasion creatures around these days, to set up in such a way that there'll be no resyncs for anyone would involve many changes... and they affect all mobs that use the same model (for eg. changes to mare bula damage animation duration also affect hobgoblins).


A better way to address this, rather than everyone fuxing with their .xml files, is to have the server or client drop the sending(server)/displaying(client) of any animation occurring within X time of a previous animation for the same actor.


Considering resync'ing can often = death, and death costs US$5 in EL, fixing the resync issues should be top priority, IMO.





Are you saying that you didn't experience resyncs in the same situation on non-CVS client?

Hopefully fixed. Look http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55118

Edited by Xaphier

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Oi :evilgrin:


Radu wrote:

"2. Now you should no longer get resyncs when ranging. If you haxed your xml files, please use the original ones for this test. This is the most important thing to test for now, so use this client in situations where you'd normally get resyncs (ranging arena, invasions, instances, etc.) "


I still use our "homemade" patch but I am really interested if the official one works. Reason, we all know it, ranging looks ridicules when using our patch. :whistle:


Did anyone test it?

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Tested patch on MB, 8 rangers with elvenbows all pk arr ,


0 resyncs , so i gues Xaphier did a great Job here !


GJ Xaphier! :icon13:

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