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windows vista, need help

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i got a new pc the other day and i just relised when i go to my c drive i have 2 program files, one is called program files and the other is called program files (x86) why do i have 2 different ones?

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From http://thevistaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=11523

Vista compatible software that runs on Vista x64 but is only available as 32-bit will be installed into the x86 Program Files folder. 64-bit software will install into the other one. e.g. You have 2 versions of Internet Explorer with x64 Vista, one is 32-bit, one is 64-bit. 64 bit is noticably faster, but plug-ins such as flash etc will not work.


Usually Vista will automatically install any programs into the right folder.

Long story short, you are running Vista 64 bit.

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