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I'll twitter PK server events to YOU

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You can get notified when there's a PK Server Special Day, a Big Invasion, or even a Server Upgrade in a text message right to your cell phone! It works in US, Canada, UK and India, with more countries coming soon.


If you already have a twitter account, just follow me, pk_gossip, by typing "follow pk_gossip" in your update box, then enable the mobile device notification.


If you don't have a twitter account- it's about time! Here's what to do:

Go to www.twitter.com and sign up!

Log in, click on "settings" then "devices" and follow the instructions to authenticate your phone. It's free, unless you have to pay for recieved SMS/Text messages.

Click on "home" and in the "What are you doing" box, type "follow pk_gossip".

Then, you'll see some of my older messages, or "tweets". Click on "pk_gossip" and set "device updates" to "on".

That's it! Whenever something B.I.G. happens in game, you'll know in a minute or two! How cool is that?



Love, kisses, and an occasional death threat!



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I tweet not, but this might actually turn me into a Twit... thanks Gossip!


done the same Piggy :pickaxe: never Tweeted, until radu/gossip came with their tweeting.

thanks Gossip, thanks for the tweets on main/PK server :pickaxe:

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