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Server Update

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New award, rare stones found.

Now you can't remote heal the last person or creature you fought with, or that fought with you.

Potion of Feasting now also goes under food.

Some unused NPCs were moved around to better locations.

The horse whistles have only 1/3 chance to dissapear when used.

New item: Tunic of the Ninja

Increased the FCW spawn a little

When PvPing (or PKing), there is a relatively small chance to inflict some extra damage on the opponent.

One perk removal stone, from the shop only, 25 bucks. Now you can try the One perk and see if it works for you, knowing that you can reliably remove it.

New storage in IP, for those with OA under 25

NOTE: Under no circumstance you are allowed to use it with alts to haul massive amounts of flowers or vegetables to the new storage! Same thing for those who #reset! This is only for new players, or for alts to use within reasonable limits. We can check the storage logs, so beware.


Now the Tutorial NPC heals newbies up to attack level 20 (inclusive)

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