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Server Update

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Some cosmetic NPC changes.

Fixed the target monster so it is easier to hit.

Added two new horses (black and white)

New day, Day of Robin Tell

Made the mini harvesting events slightly more rare, they give a little more gold and exp, and there is a new mini harvest event.

Some summons will give multiple monsters with the same ingredients (but not from summoning stones). Fluffy rabbits will summon 3 fluffies, and Phantom Warrior will summon 6, all with the same formula. The charms adds the possibility to summon an extra one.

Changed the TS potion to require beaver fur instead of brown rabbit fur.

Increased the gold drops of fluffs, DCs, FCs, and MCs.

The Harvester medallion has a 1/3 chance to NOT stop working if you have a mini event.

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