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Well I'll start out by saying that my ingame name was Fracture and I was banned about a year ago, I have had a long thought process about this apparently since I have been banned for this long HeHe... Everything that i was ever banned for I have done and i take full responsibility for my action's, but i can promise you 1 thing and thats that i am VERY VERY sorry and i will NOT let this happen again I will not have no OTHER characters once so ever, and if you do let me come back you can whitelist me or do what ever once again I am willing to take full responsibility for these actions i have chosen to take! PLease just think about this and let me know you will not regret this Aislinn, SORRY Just give me this 1 LAST chance PLEASE


Sincerely, Fracture

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Yeah you do have quite a history don't you. :P

Ok, you can have this last chance.

No alts, no sharing, and I am not unlocking this one just so you can turn around and sell it.

Last chance.

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