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Server Update

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Some NPC cosmetic changes.

Adjusted the glowing titanium short swords to give better damage.

The Scythe stats were increased quite a bit, also the breaking chance.

Increased the base damage of the RC mine from 45 to 75. It also does double damage to the invaded creatures.

Implemented an Archery Arena in GP. Tokens are sold at the booth, 3.5K.

New weapon, Radioactive Rapier is available from the shop, for 60 bucks. Same stats as the Rapier, but +15 radiation damage. A non shop version with a higher break rate will be available soon.

Reduced the rate of the Mare Bulangiu being pulled from the outhouse.

Added a few 'mini harvesting events' where you can get a gold, exp, or damage. The Harvester medallion will give you a small bonus for the positive mini events, and they do not destroy it.

The horses do not require creature food anymore. Their double speed was also removed.

The TS potion requires 1 brown rabbit fur, rather than 3 henbane

Added 4 more rabbits in DP

New summoned only creature, Tank rabbit. Requires 1 brown rabbit fur, 1 bone, 1 meat, 1 life essence, tit bar, Summoning 58, Animal 6

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