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Server Update

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Some NPC cosmetic changes.

No more 3 Blue Lupines from some bushes (2 is the max).

New perk, Ninja.

Increased the damage done by the Self Destruct perk by 10.

New award, Leo Kills (will be available soon, as Ghrae puts it on his page).

New monster, Mare Bulangiu. Sort of like the Bulangiu's big brother.

Bulangiu and AC only when invaded, have true sight. Mare Bulangiu doesn't have TS.

The outhouses have new harvesting events.

New perk removal stone (Godless). How you get it is a mystery.

The Harvester Medallion prevents the Mare Bulangiu from climbing out of the outhouse, and also gives you more gold and exp than before. The breaking chance has also been decreased.

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