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A/D Pots and Special Armor

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Just a couple ideas for A/D potions and special armor effects.


As of right now a/d pots are rarely used since they are so expensive. Maybe modifying them to last for 30 minutes and then having and hour long cooldown before being able to use the potion(s) again? This might be more appealing than having levels regained every minute.


And since there are a few complaints on special armor and weapons like SGoUD or OSoMN, maybe adding a 1-2 minute cooldown on their effects? Say you get hit with an OSoMN for -150 mana then the next possible hit would not occur for at least another minute? That way there is at least a slight chance to make a comeback.


Maybe JSoC could have less cooldown because it would be kind of pointless with a whole minute in between effects.


Edit- a/d reduction pots

Edited by Talixim

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I guess you mean pots of a/d reduction not a/d pots....

but I like your idea,these pots as they are now are useless

as for the spam weapons...I've never had any so I don't know

but I think that SGouD have already been made weaker and the cooldown of every special armor/weapon would have to be different,because when you have rapier of death you don't mind having a 1 min cooldown when the first succesful hit probably kills,while Eagle wing of extra damage would be weakened pretty much...

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