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Son got my ip banned

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My son aparantly did something wrong, broke a rule and got our ip banned. therefore i can not play el myself even.

he says his character name was bullant_queen, WILDERNESS66, Brun0mama,Lovevshate, and my character flowerchild. omg i didnt even know he had so many characters! im so sorry! However, he has been permanently banned from playing this game. You will not have any more problems with him i garantee it. Please unban my ip.

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Hmmm there were 18 characters in all, including a mod impersonation one, a miz_meek1, and a request to get the password for miz_meek seeing as how it was her mother and she was "dying" to play on it...

She/he had been warned multiple times to stop it, and finally at 14 characters she/he was told that anymore would result in a ban. The result? 4 more characters.

I distinctly had the impression it was a daughter...


The best I can offer is to whitelist miz_meek for you but the password had better not be saved in the ini file or shared. Might want to change it actually.


Hmm when did you say the last time you played was?

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