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You would not drop the issue of jork/joe.

The answer is no. People who lie, steal, cheat, use keyloggers to get friend's passwords, set up some other player by setting up chatlogs and changing passwords to their name so that other person gets blamed...quite elaborate schemes to set up somebody, are NOT welcome back into EL ever.

Not only are you (according to you although I have doubts) an uninvolved 3rd party trying to get information, but I had told you multiple times I was not going to give you information about somebody else's ban. You continued to hound me.


You were told this would happen if you would not drop it. I also told you that if I see jork\joe on your IP, it will get banned.

This is what happens when you do not listen.


(I am also pretty positive by the things you were saying that in actuality, you are jork/joe and not a neighbor)

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