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Using the Ubuntu Linux Packages? Then please read this.

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If you installed the game on a Ubuntu Linux system using the Ubuntu packages, then this is information for you. You need to make a simple change to your package configuration. I'll explain:


These packages are built and hosted by the Ubuntu Launchpad service in an area called a personal package archive, in fact my personal package archive. I have just received an email stating that they are changing the address of that archive. The new address is already available, the old address will be disabled at some time in the near future. To change the address you need to edit your software sources; either directly by editing the file "/etc/apt/sources.list" or using the "System->Administration->Software Sources" application.


Change the old address from:





To use the "Software Sources" application, select the "Third Party Software" tab, then select the old address line. Click the edit button and modify the line as above. Click the close button then allow a reload of the software sources. If all goes well, the application will simply close. If you get an error, you have probably mis-typed the new address, just check and correct it.


An optional extra: This new version of the Ubuntu Launchpad service will now sign new ppa packages with an authentication key. This is the Launchpad key not mine. I used my key to upload the packages to Launchpad, they build the packages and sign their built version which you and I install. Your use of this key is optional but will not be available on my packages until they are updated.

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