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Juhi the killer.

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Juhi opened the tavern door slowly and peeped in,there she was with her blonde curls swaying in the wind.Juhi walked in and greated Lyndy and got her a drink.Two large bangs followed by a scream.I jumped off my stool with fright, spilling my drink.There she was dead on the floor , Lyndy was no longer breathing and had a battle axe wedged into her head.But where was Juhi. A dwarve with long hair walked to the body crying "HE KILLED MY WIFE,THAT JUHI HE KILLED HER!!".I walked to the door and looked outside there was no sign of Juhi.Juhi leaped around the corner and sliced the dwarves neck with his newly won 'crappy bronze sword'. The next day Lyndy returned after being stuck in the underworld and killed by a rabbit ,only to find her deathbag was gone...

Gm from Juhi: hey guildies i just pked lyndy and stole here db.

Gm from coolkid_08: What was in it?

Gm from Juhi only 10 gc and 12 bones :evilgrin:

Gm from coolkid_08: Lol n00b drop!


Any contibutions accepted.

Edited by Coolkid_08

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The next day Juhi reterned to the tavern to kill another victim.

This time the victim was male , his name was Coolkid_08. Juhi ran up to Coolkid_08 and hit him across the head with a battle hammer.

'GM from Coolkid_08: FTW n00b, why you kill me'

'GM from Juhi: Lol'

'GM from Coolkid_08: What i drop??'

'GM from Juhi: Only 10 GC , LOL n00b drop like lyndsy'


Any Contributions accepted

Edited by Coolkid_08

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I Haz A Contribution


Suskie is a n00b :P


The End.


any contributers will be prosecuted.



that isnt a contribution



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