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I've looked at almost all the forums and i didnt see this so far: what if we had a new skill to build houses? i know that we can no longer purchase them for real money, but i thought it could give newbies something to look forward to. for ex:


1. the skill could be called house, home, building, etc.


2. certain levels in that skill could help build better homes. (just like some of the other skills ie. man, mag, alch, etc.)


3. maybe there could be books you would have to read in order to build better homes. (as in having to read a certain book to gain the knowledge about a specific type of home) the books could be called introduction to building, or guide to advanced houses, or something like that.


4. you could start out by building a hut out of sticks, then progress into building better ones. ie: rock homes (as in a cave), a T.P. (basically in a desert), an igloo, a tree house, a cabin, and so on until maybe a SMALL castle or fortress?


5. players may only build 1 house in each location... or maybe there could be a limit to locations they choose such as: they may only be able to CHOOSE 3 locations at a time and if they want to find a different spot, then they would have to get rid of (basically destroy the house) in order to make that spot vacant.


6. they could be able to customize that house as much as they want with different items they could find or make (as in carpets and doors, and their fireplace they would have to make, or something like that)


7. there could be some sort of BOT that could be made for the sole purpose of giving info about that house with optional privacy settings (like maybe it could say "playerx lives here" or "must have permission from playerx to enter" or something like that)


8. while gathering materials for the house, there could be some other materials that npc's could sell (like a the hammer they already sell could be used as a tool needed to complete certain homes, or an x-amount of nails or rope or something) and some materials that can only be found (as in the sticks for stick huts, certain furs for a roof, etc.)


9. maybe they could have a SMALL garden like red rose bushes, black rose bushes, etc.


10. certain homes could use the "barracade" item building that is ingame already (could protect from invasions and peeping toms or whatever)


11. maybe a BOT would let the players know who went to check to see if they were home (as in the same BOT that gives info on who lives there) while they were offline or getting supplies for the house or whatever (but only when they get back to the house or come back online so everyone wont have constant annoying messages all over their screen)


12. for the making of the rug in the house idea, you could use certain furs with thread to make certain carpets or whatever (i have already seen the post about the idea for a carpentry skill in the forums, maybe that could be one?)


13. players can only build a certain amount of a house a day (like the harvester skill where you can only harvest a certain amount for an hour, except make it about 1 and a 1/2 hours for the house building) just so they can get enough done in that day.


14. players can have like a house list or something that could give permission only to those they give it to. (ie. like the buddylist only for a house) they can also choose to make them an option to not let them in that house anymore. for instance: "type #allow_playerx entry, #deny_playerx entry, #remove_guest playerx, #unremove_guest playerx, or whatever sounds good for it.


i know it may take a lot more updates, but hopefully this idea could be put in the game. i think it could be a good idea for the people that missed the chance to purchase a house (like me, because ive passed a few houses that said this is playerx's house you cant go in and ive asked about how much it is to buy one and they told me houses are no longer for sale, which is a bummer because i would LOVE to have a house in the game) while they were for sale. it could also give people something to do while their buddies are offline, plus it could REALLY make the game even MORE popular. please post in this topic and let me know what everyone thinks ok? (not to mention it is also kind of reality based only from back in the barbarian days or somewhere around that time)

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