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The Story of Hope

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The story of _Hope_

Chapter 1


Before the great war, all people lived in harmony. Childeren played outside, people laughed about jokes, everyone was happy.

Berudy was one of them. He was a lucky man with a lovely family. He had long black hear, a dark brown beard and a black tunic. Berudy used to mine in the goldmine caves, and used to help people with no money. Everyone liked him, and always laughed about his jokes.


One day, a civilian asked him: "What ring are you wearing?" He had a gold ring with a blue diamond made by his deceased grandfather

Entholdurn. Entholdurn was a good man, always helped people that got in danger. Rumors told that Entholdurn had the powers to heal sick or wounted people. Berudy him self never believed this. "My grandfather was a good man, and always helped people, but don't call him a wizard..." So that day Berudy answared: "This is the ring of Hope, my grandfather gave it to me before he deceased. I was 8 years old"


Berudy never knew the powers of his ring, and never believed any of those rumors. Entholdurn designed that ring with the same powers that he had him self, but he kept it secret his whole life. After fourteen years of harmony, things started to change. The sky turned black, the weather became foggy and it was really dark. Creatures acted strange and the sky turned darker every hour. This day was the day of the horrible curse.


Berudy diddn't like this feeling. He diddn't know it was a curse but he knew there was something odd going on. "ill go check out the temple of aluwen" said Berudy. "No please don't! Its to dangerouse outside.." Said his wife dara. Berudy diddn't like his feeling, so decided to ignore the danger and walked to the temple of Aluwen. "How weird" Berudy's ring started to glow. It looked like a warning.

After Berudy noticed there was nobody inside the temple, he looked at his ring again. His diamond in it showed his wife in danger. "No Dara!!! Keep your hand of my wife!!" Said Berudy. After he runned back home, it was to late. His, familie got brutaly murdered by a very large strange looking man with one eye. "You killed my family, you won't get away with this you bloody monster!!"

The whole vilage in Desert pines looked empty, many people died that day. Thousands of weird looking monsters attacked every single being that lived in Desert Pines. Berudy cried and fought back, and noticed that he had special powers because of his ring. Berudy wassn't strong enough and lost the battle and died... This was the day of the war.






Thousands of years have passed, generations were born and passed over. Many people have died, and many people tried to fight back to keep civilians alive. One day a teenage boy noticed a mysterious looking man. He had white long hair, a long white beard, a white tunic, and a white hood with a white cape on it. "Mister are you alright..?" The teenage boy asked. The mysterious man diddn't say anything, he was staring without moving a muscle. For a moment, the teenage boy thought it was a real looking statue. The mysterious man all in white became to glow. The man told with an echo voice: "Go back home, its not safe here" "Ok, whoa... but can you at least tell me why you are acting like a statue or something..?" The glowy white looking man repeated: I serve Aluwen, i kill these monsters, i kill cursed PKers that became mad, i protect people like you" "Don't you worry about yours soul if you always kill?" asked the boy. "I don't have one" Told the glowy man. "What are you...?" asked the teenager. The mysterious man introduces him self and gives the boy a cold hand. "Call me Hope" "Ok... Nice to meet you, i guess...? MAN what ring are you wearing??! Its glowing!!" After the boy noticed the glowy ring, Hope disappeared in the sky.


"Duude...!! im starting to see ghost's. I have to stop eating those toadstools..." Said the teenager.




The Legend of Entholdurn

Chapter 2



It was only a matter of time before people tried to search for clues about Entholdurns Legend. There were rumors that Entholdurn fought dragons, other people heard he was the causin of Mortos. Many people heard different things and no one knew one of these rumors were true, but he was deffinetly a man with special powers. Tryrad was one of these people searching for information about the legend of Entholdurn. Tryrad was a warrior fighting against the goblins in the goldmine cave in Valley of the Dwarves. He heard alot about the mysteries of Entholdurn and the death of Berudy. He tried to search for clues for years. His friend Osmor also believed the rumors and helped him with finding information about The Legend. "I can't believe Entholdurn just died without a reason." Said Tryrad. Osmor sat down, looked at Tryrad and said, "Stop thinking about this, it drives you crazy. You need to think about the future." Tryrad diddn't believe what he heard. "The future??! how can you think about the future? Your mother got killed by a invasion, lots of my friends got killed by monsters and Cursed warriors! We fight against evil, but it won't take long before we get killed or become like the cursed PKers our selfs!!" Osmor got shocked about Tryrad's respond. It was a cold evening. Osmor left the room, walked to the window in the kitchen and looked outside. "I just can't believe you keep thinking about what happened with a Legendary old man." said Osmor. "This might be the reason of the curse." Said Tryrad. "I need to know more about this, i just have the feeling something happened to Entholdurn."


Tryrad and Osmor asked alot of people what "they" heard about the story of Entholdurn. Everyone heard something else, some people told them he just disappeared, other people heard he got poisoned. One of these people told them Mortos had something to do with it and Entholdurns grave can be found at the cemetery in Idaloran. "How are we suposed to get to Irilon? I can barley buy a new Leather pants and i can't give out all of that money." Said Osmor. Tryrad took a deep breath and made a decision. "We have to spend the money Osmor. I need to know more." The next day Tryrad and Osmor headed for Irilon. "Now where was it again?" Said Tryrad. "Dont worry, i lived in Irilon when i was a kid and know how to get there." Repeated Osmor.




After a long travel to the second continent, Tryrad and Osmor finely reached the cemetery of Idaloran. They searched out the cemetery but diddn't find the grave with name Entholdurn. "Oh my god, i don't hope that old man lied to us." Said Tryrad. "You are the one that made a decision. Now we spend 100 Golden coins for nothing Tryrad!" For a moment, Tryrad planned to stop searching for clues, until he heard a weird sound at the cemetery. "Wait Osmor! did you hear that?!" Tryrad heard someone walking. "Don't you hear anything Osmor?!" "No, i don't hear any sounds, Your just disappointed there is no grave Tryrad.. Lets go home." "No..!" Said Tryrad. "Look behind you! There's a man all in white staring at us..!" Osmor turned around "What the hell are you up to Tryrad? You nearly scared me to death! I don't see any white looking man. Tryrad couldn't believe his eyes and walked to the white looking man. "Hey mister! can you please help us finding.. The white looking man disappeared into the sky without saying a word. This person was Hope standing still without moving a muscle. "Whats happening to you Tryrad? There is no man at the cemetery. We are the only people out here. Its getting midnight." Said Osmor. Tryrad stared at the dirt in front of his feet. "Im not crazy Osmor, look at the dirt." They see something very odd on at the dirt. "Dig" "Why would someone write dig on the sand?" Asked Osmor. "Because that man wanted us to dig..?" Tryrad started to dig. "I know there's something really weird going on Osmor. ooh man... I won't forget the look of that man's face.. There was something with his eyes... Said Tryrad.

Edited by -Hope-

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Nice video. I especially liked the music you used in the sound track.


The crowd audio was too long, in my opinion.


Only 1 misspelled word that I noticed: "singel" should be spelled "single".


Thanks for taking the time to make the video.




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