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selling sto

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full blach dragon set

damage col

jagget saber

15 bp cloaks

1 mirror cloak

44 tit long sword

1 steel axe

20 steel chain mail

190 leather boots

100 leather pants

130 aug leather pants

10 iron chain mail

20 steel shield

15 moon medallion

1 cojurer cloak

130 body restoration

100deer fur

700 deer antlers

600 brown rabbit fur

1 fast regeneration cloak

1900 mercury

1800 empty vial




4 titanium chain mail construction

1 potion of summoning

5 tit long construction

1 gargoyl summoning

5 tit serpent sword costruction

7 tit mining

2 naralik ring building

1 stars medaillion building

1 unicorn ring building

1 portland ring building

1 ring of damage building

1 troll fighting

3 magic potion

4 bear fighting

1 puma summoning

4 steel of axe construction

1 disengagement ring building

6 cyclops fighting

10 tit smelting

3 tit short sword costruction

4 iron axe construction

2 isla prima ring building

1 bear summoning

4 dwarf fighting

3 sun medaillion building

1 desert pines ring building

4 tit moding

2 white city ring building

5 crafting potion


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sorry Aitor: 1900 mercury and 100 deer furs - I offer 9.5kgc

1800 empty vials 7kgc

600 rabbit furs - 2.4kgc (can't use for summoning against dragons anymore ;))

100 leather pants 4.5kgc

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