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I had considered stop playing el, but changed my mind under certain circumstances.

Because of my forum ban I let Gerbil post for me and I realised maybe it's the best to be banned from these forums. In this case I will no longer be able to take part of the attitude I don't agree with here and also don't bother about anything else than updates that I recently saw I was still possible to achieve.


I have waited patientelly in more than a month now, ( got banned 2 june), and I believe I have served my great crime now.


Therefore I ask for an unbann.


Note; This is not a excuse for what I have done, just a clarification that I have now waited the time that you set up for me.




Quoted from an email he sent me.


EDIT 2: Logged on Gerbils account to remove my email adress he added here.

Edited by GerbilD

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What a privilege that he is willing to play our humble game again, especially considering that it is run by such a detestable person like me.

Anyway, I unbanned him nevertheless, although perhaps this wasn't the best idea. Time will tell.

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