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Oi,aislinn im write bacause my char"s smula and foxdenim was banned,I disrupted rules 5 i"m know and all right wuth some trest...

I can do that u reset oa 116 im my char smula..

But pls back my char"s,and on rules i shall be in next time verry big RESPECT...


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Now before you start up with the 1 month thing, remember this is hardly your first offense. You REALLY should know better about the rules, and do. This was just blatant in-your-face breaking of them, as usual for you.

You were allowed back in last time conditionally.

1.3 million gc is nothing to sneeze at here.

I'm not inclined to want to let you back in, and if it comes to pass, you certainly will lose a lot, not just that gc. I'm actually more inclined to want to ban your IP. :P

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