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New Engineering Items \o/

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New Engineering Items :lurker:


Check the list to see what i already have in storage: :)


41 Snares 90 gc each

15 Caltrops 100 gc each

90 Poisoned Caltrops 110 gc each


18 Small Landmines 1250 gc each doing 45 + englevel/5 damage

22 Medium Landmines 1900 gc each doing 75 + englevel/5 damage

22 High Explosive Landmines 2800 gc each doing 125 + englevel/5 damage

82 RC Mine 1750 gc each doing 75 + englevel/5 damage, can be combined and detonate together

6 RC Detonator 800 gc each


6 Mana Drain Wards 1400 gc each

7 Magic Immunity Removal Wards 1900 gc each

2 Mana Burn Wards 2000 gc each

2 Invisibility Removal Wards 2100 gc each


1 Lightmeter 8000 gc each or trade me the ings

0 Invasionmeter 10000 gc each or trade me the ings


0 PK-Arrows 35 gc each

0 Magic Arrows 68 gc each

40 Fire Arrows 78 gc each

85 Ice Arrows 88 gc each

28 PK-Bolts 100 gc each

0 Magic Bolts 115 gc each

0 Fire Bolts 145 gc each

25 Ice Bolts 190 gc each



55 A/D indicators 30 gc each

15 Criticals Indicators 40 gc each

29 Accuracy/Magic Indicators 40 gc each

28 Harvest/Degrade Indicators 35 gc each

22 Make Rare/Fail Indicators 40 gc each


If you are interested, you can either leave a post here or PM or gossip me ingame!

I also take orders, if you need something mixed.


I also accept as payment:

Bones 2 gc each

Hawk Feathers 12 gc each

Iron Ore 3 gc each

Iron Bars 35 gc each

Thread 2 gc each

EME 7000 gc each

EFE 7000 gc each

EWE 3000 gc each


The things are lots of fun, believe me! :D



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i added Magic Arrows

and i accept now several harvestables and other things...

have a look above!

have fun! :)

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Would you mind selling the items below to my bot, Tina? She will buy for your prices-


5 High Explosive Landmines 3000 gc each

150 PK-Arrows 32 gc each

150 Magic Arrows 65 gc each




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